Scientific sections of the Journal:

  • General problems of mechanics
  • Mechanics of mobile machines
  • Computer mechanics
  • Engineering components
  • Dynamics, durability of vehicles and structures
  • Mechanics of deformed solids
  • Technological mechanics
  • Mechanics of tribo-fatigue systems
  • Nanomechanics
  • Biomechanics
  • Geomechanics
  • Composite mechanics
  • Mechanics of liquids and gases

 Other sections of the Journal:

  • Editor note
  • Technical information
  • Intellectual property
  • Book review
  • Our jubilees are celebrated

The Journal publishes original materials that reflect problems of technical sciences (mechanical engineering, mechanics), as well as physical and mathematical sciences (mechanics): original articles, containing the results of theoretical and applied research; proceedings of conferences, workshops and seminars; scientific reviews; reports about new literature and scientific events. The Journal publishes technical and other information related to the activities of the Institute and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus: chronicle of scientific events, brief reports on awards, anniversaries, announcements of competitions for grants of scientific fund.

The Journal advertises new techniques, technologies, equipment, tools, materials.

The Journal doesn't publish:

copyrighted material that are previously published in other edition;
materials irrelevant to the topic of the Journal;
articles that do not contain new information, as compared with previously published results, as well as the articles containing statements and hypotheses, directly contradicting established scientific facts;
literary and journalistic works of any content, including - scientific topic;
materials containing information that constitutes a state or commercial secrets, as defined by the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus and the departmental regulations, contracts, etc.;
materials that contain insults, slander or false information with respect to individuals and organizations.