• The Editorial board is considering manuscript of papers (hereafter — manuscript) that correspond to the scientific profile of the Journal. The papers should not be published earlier and not transferred into editorial boards of other journals, if there is an Agreement of transfer the right to publish articles. The Agreement form is filled out and signed by all the authors.
  • Prologue should contain the description of investigated problem with the analysis of previous publications as well as aim if the research and statement of a problem which is solved by authors. The analysis of the scientific sources should indicate that the author knows scientific achievements in the relevant field. 
    Using excessive self-citation as a method of increasing the indicators of an author, journal or organization is unethical. The index of self-citation or citation of any author should not exceed 30 % of the references.
    The main part of the article should contain the description of the methodology, equipment, materials, object of study and cover fully the content of the research. The references to other authors’ works including foreign publications in the field (if available) are mandatory. Offered new methods should be accompanied by examples of their application with initial data on which calculations are carried out. In manuscript containing calculated models and methods the substantiation and description of mechanical model should precede to calculations and the mathematical model. In the results of experimental investigations and calculations with the using computer programs authors should give the characteristics of the research (testing) equipment, software. The results should be analyzed in terms of their correctness, scientific novelty and compared with the relevant scientific data.
    The formulated conclusions in a final part should follow from the manuscript.
  • The manuscript should be presented to the Editorial Board in one copy in Russian or English language and will be published on the presenting language.
  • Materials are submitted in hard and on electronic media in *.doc, *.docs format.
  • The volume of scientific articles should be from 14 000 to 18 000 printed characters, including spaces, punctuation, numbers, etc. The first page contains (in English, for each author): UDC, initials and surname of the author(s), academic degree, academic rank, post, name of the organization which he represents, e-mail. The followed items are: the title of the manuscript, abstract (200–250 words), keywords (not more than ten), the main text including graphics and other illustrations, list of symbols and references no less than 15 references, including references to foreign publications). Then the followed items (in Russian, for each author) are: full name, academic degree, academic rank, post, name of the organization, e-mail, title, abstract, keywords, references in Latin.

  • Figures, tables, formulas, equations should be numbered in the order mentioned in the text.
  • Additionally figures are submitted as separate files with resolution at least 300 dpi in *. tif, *. psd, *. cdr or *. eps format. Figure width should be no less then 80 mm. Inscriptions in the figures should be replaced with numbers and symbols explained in the captions.
  • Multiline formulas should be typed in the formula editor MathType, aligned to the center, and the number of formulas are placed on the right edge. Numbered only formulas that are referenced in the text. Private lowercase Greek and other special characters (such as math) are typed in the text by using tool Symbol without using Equation Editor. At a set of formulas and letter designations the following rules should be considered: Greek and Russian letters is directly recruited, mathematical symbols, symbols of chemical elements, the indices (upper and lower), which are reduced words, in italics are typed the Latin letters — variables, symbols of physical quantities (including and in the index); the vectors are typed in bold (arrows at the top are not put).
  • References are to be cited at the end of the manuscript of paper on a separate page in the form of list with full bibliographic information. List of references should correspond to the order of their occurrence in the text. References on unpublished works are prohibited.
  • Received by the editorial board manuscript is sent for review to specialists. The main criteria of acceptance are theme actuality, scientific novelty and practical significance.
  • Manuscripts of papers which are not meeting the requirements of Editorial Board shouldn't be accepted and shouldn’t be returned. The date of Editorial Board receipt is considered to be the day when the Editorial Board receives the full set of documents including the author’s final manuscript of paper.
  • The authors should give the following information: surname, first name, patronymic name, organization name and address, position, degree, academic title, telephone numbers and e-mail.